As a noted thought leader in the intricate domain of pattern analysis and probabilistic matching algorithms, Danny Cidon brings innovative and pragmatic solutions to NextGate’s product portfolio. As co-founder and CTO, Mr. Cidon tracks current technology trends and evaluates components appropriate for the company’s solutions.

From his years of experience fine-tuning enterprise indexing technology, Mr. Cidon created many of the add-ons that went into making the MatchMetrix Suite the industry’s fastest to implement EMPI. His optimizations improve the accuracy and speed of matching objects as well as enhance the productivity of users through well organized GUIs and reports. He has overseen the successful implementation of numerous healthcare and commercial EMPI accounts in the United States and Europe. Prior to NextGate, Mr. Cidon worked as a lead software engineer for the eIndex/eView EMPI product of the Sun Microsystems Java CAPS suite. In addition to his software development experience, Mr. Cidon worked as a Sun Microsystems implementation consultant for several years where he was responsible for major healthcare EMPI rollouts for payers, hospitals, and IPAs.

Mr. Cidon has a Masters of Computer Science degree from the University of California, Davis.