The First of Its Kind
and Still Evolving.

Our decades of experience give us the ability to create unique solutions, like the first EMPI that does more than just de-duplicate records and correct disparate data.

Do You Want a 100% Accurate Data Record?

Gain access to a panoramic view of patient and consumer data.

Provide your healthcare organisation with a 360° view of patients and consumers by uniquely matching records across disparate systems. NextGate’s EMPI helps you facilitate real-time data exchange and care collaboration, while enhancing clinical decision-making and improving the patient experience.

Interoperability Gains with NextGate’s Flexible EMPI.

Automate the duplicate record clean-up process

Streamline patient registration

Decrease duplicate diagnostic and lab procedures

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Enhance data analytics quality

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Reduce denied medical claims and other financial delays

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Improve operational and financial efficiences

Benefits for Everyone.

Enable personnel and applications to find, exchange and view patient data

Update record information with real-time patient input

Detect duplicate patient records, eliminating headaches for care-seekers and staff

Link to Patient Records in Any System.

How NextGate’s EMPI Works for You.

The EMPI uses our MatchMetrix™ master identity platform to create a single, centralized and reliable index of patient demographic information.

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Patients are assigned a unique enterprise identifier (EUID)

Single Best Record aggregation icon

Best up-to-date patient data is aggregated into a Single Best Record

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Tuned to your specific population, advanced algorithms detect slight data variations

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Duplicate patient records are found and resolved

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Leverage available data sources to automate and support match decisions

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Patients lacking public records are resolved through Verify patient engagement solution

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Remaining records are assigned to data steward staff for review and resolution

Patient Engagement Feature.

NextGate Verify™ empowers an organisation to engage directly with patients through electronic communication, like SMS, email or health portal. Verify uses a knowledge-based-questions-and-response approach to resolve identity discrepancies and produce a verified identity. The goal is to engage the person in confirming their data to improve quality and deliver 100% accuracy.

Integration Is Easy.

NextGate’s EMPI provides flexible installation options and all the documentation you need to easily manage the integration process.


RESTful APIs make connecting to the EMPI straightforward


Our API Toolkit documents connectivity parameters to simplify integration


Available as a HITRUST, and ISO 27001 certified managed Software as a Service (SaaS)

Flexible enough to be managed as a service in our AWS cloud or deploy in your private cloud

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Customer Success Story

Greater Bristol Connecting Care

Integrated care records across the vast ecosystem of NHS England’s network of users, consolidating demographic information and successfully de-duplicating records for individuals across the country. This includes clinicians, nurses, crisis teams, social workers, and A&E staff. 

Successful Outcomes


Granted instant access to GP prescribing and allergies or pharmacists and anesthetists

Data Accuracy

Improved referral management through trace of care

Lower Costs

Reduced time spent on administrative work for staff

See the Past, Present and Future of Patient Identification.

Link 100% accurate data records across systems, within the safety of your cloud or ours.