Pasadena Calif., March 8th, 2022 – NextGate, the global leader in data accuracy and record consolidation, announced today its partnership with Axia Women’s Health, the largest physician-led women’s health network in the country, to support their goal of creating a more progressive women’s healthcare experience.

NextGate’s industry-leading Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) will help to support Axia in continuing to ensure clean and comprehensive patient records as they continue their rapid growth. NextGate provides up-to-date security compliance and monitors system performance to ensure improvements are delivered not only to the organization’s administration, but providers and patients too.

“This partnership goes deeper than the functionality of our product,” proclaimed NextGate founder and Chief Executive Officer, Andy Aroditis. “We are proud to work with Axia Women’s Health because of their thoughtful approach to serving women in their community, and it is immensely satisfying to provide the tools they need to accomplish their mission.”

Peter Spivack, Chief Information Officer at Axia Women’s Health, shared, “We pride ourselves on leading the way in improving women’s health by providing a best-in-class experience for both our providers and patients. With this goal in mind, NextGate was a natural fit to help us ensure data integrity across our rapidly growing community.”

About NextGate

For over twenty-five years NextGate has driven the development of healthcare information technology with its industry-first EMPI and provider registries that simplify data sharing and improve data governance. Customers worldwide — including the nation’s most successful healthcare systems — trust NextGate to handle billions of data transactions for matching accuracy, easy integration, and data quality improvement. NextGate will continue to evolve the state of healthcare enterprise identification and lead the field with its digital identification tools. For more information or request a demo, visit

About Axia Women’s Health
Axia Women’s Health is leading the way in improving women’s health. At the core of achieving this is a caring, connected, and progressive community of more than 400 providers across nearly 200 women’s health centers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. The rapidly growing network spans OB/GYN physicians, breast health centers, high-risk pregnancy centers, two laboratories, urogynecology, and fertility centers. Together, Axia Women’s Health puts women first by delivering the personalized care needed for women to lead healthier, happier lives. Learn more at

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