Andy Aroditis co-founded NextGate with the mission to deliver robust, real-world, affordable Enterprise Master Patient Indexing technology and implementation services. As CEO, he has successfully led the company to prominence and expanded the offerings to accommodate other critical healthcare indexing applications, as well as solutions in the broader Master Data Management marketplace. With more than 25 years of industry experience, Mr. Aroditis is adept at streamlining and improving productivity for healthcare institutions through information technology.

Prior to NextGate, Mr. Aroditis managed healthcare implementations as the Director of Professional Services for Sun Microsystems (formerly SeeBeyond). Mr. Aroditis and his team successfully implemented eIndex/eView, eGate and the Java CAPS Suite at over 200 payer and provider locations. While at SeeBeyond, he was one of the original architects of the Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) and he contributed significantly to the adoption of this revolutionary technology. Additionally, Mr. Aroditis worked as Programming Manager for UniHealth, an Integrated Delivery System based in Southern California, served as Chief Technology Officer and Vice-President for Smartcard Technology, and contributed as Senior Manager at the consulting firm Ernst and Young.

Mr. Aroditis received a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Sciences with Business Orientation from South Bank University in London.