NextGate and Accreon, Inc. Partner of Offer Comprehensive Indentity Management Infrastructure to Optimize Patient-Matching, Care Collaborations, and Analytics

Customer Exeter Hospital Deploys Solution to Integrate MEDITECH, NextGen, and Clinical Datawarehouse for Population Health, Quality Reporting, and Care Coordination

PASADENA, Calif. – March 20, 2014: NextGate, the premier healthcare Entity Identity Management solution provider, announces today a strategic and tactical partnership with Accreon, Inc., a leading healthcare technology services company, to deliver streamlined services and technology for enterprise data awareness and accurate exchange. The partnership brings together decades of integration and patient-matching expertise to address complexities inherent in IT initiatives that require interoperability, data analytics, and meaningful collaboration between disparate applications and organizations.

For joint customer Exeter Hospital in New Hampshire, Accreon interfaced the NextGate Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) with MEDITECH and NextGen Healthcare to create a full EMPI based upon the last 3 years of selected patient demographic data. Initial go live of the EMPI product will be in May 2014. This solution will enable Exeter to have a single patient identifier that will be utilized over the next several years for quality reporting, population health, and better coordination of changes in patient’s demographic information.

As healthcare organizations confront the challenges of linking data internally, across EMR, EHR, billing, lab, and other internal systems, and the intricacies of exchanging data with IPA, ACO, PCMH, and other trading partners, a coherent approach to master data management is essential for optimal care coordination and trustworthy data analysis. NextGate’s entity identity registries, combined with Accreon’s architecture, workflow, and integration services, offer a practical and proven solution to organize and aggregate enterprise data for streamlined interoperability and reliable analytics.

“Accreon’s broad knowledge of healthcare integration platforms and process improvement, along with their track record of success, define the high caliber services and business value we bring to our clients,” said Andy Aroditis, CEO NextGate.

“NextGate’s vendor-neutral identity management technology provides core functionality that delivers plentiful benefits across the organization,” said Eric Demers, President Accreon. “We are excited to work with NextGate to offer solutions that produce an immediate positive impact on the quality and cost of care.”

About Accreon, Inc

Accreon is a healthcare technology and business services firm focused on integrating and managing health information. We assist healthcare organizations to: achieve interoperability by integrating their IT eco-system; establish an analytical environment that empowers learning, agility, and performance resulting in improved outcomes, finances and satisfaction; and enhance IT innovation by providing knowledgeable healthcare expertise and tools to bring solutions to market faster. Accreon has delivered services and built solutions across North America for healthcare provider organizations, government entities, medical device companies and EMR vendors.

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About NextGate 

NextGate provides Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) and registry solutions that integrate, index and coordinate data from disparate systems to provide unified views, expedite decision processing, and streamline interoperability to drive performance.