NextGate Confirms Interoperability at IHE Connectathon 2015

XDS Repository and Registry Added to MatchMetrix Suite of Validated Products

PASADENA, Calif., Feb. 11, 2015 – Once again, the NextGate MatchMetrix interoperability suite, including the recently added XDS Repository and Registry, passed all relevant integration tests and demonstrated successful information sharing with dozens of health IT vendors during the 2015 North America IHE Connectathon, a supervised integration testing event.

Participating in its 8th Connectathon event, NextGate successfully tested the PIX/PDQ v2 and v3, XPID, XCA, XCPD, HPD, ATNA, and CT profiles. NextGate’s newest product entry, the XDS Repository and Registry, also successfully passed all criteria for the Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) standards profile. XDS supports the sharing of patient-centric clinical documents across the continuum of care. Click to view Connectathon test results and the NextGate Integration Statement.

“This year we are proud to extend our support for healthcare interoperability by adding the XDS set of profiles which allow applications to publish and find documents associated with patients in our EMPI,” stated Dan Cidon, Chief Technology Officer at NextGate. “During the Connectathon, we worked with dozens of vendors to ensure that our EMPI, Provider Registry, and XDS applications are fully compliant with the latest standards in the industry.”

The NextGate XDS offering is integrated with the NextGate EMPI and NextGate Provider Registry which provide the unique identifiers called for in the XDS specification. As part of a comprehensive information sharing framework, the XDS offering provides a mechanism to deliver a common, accessible health record derived from content contributed from disparate sources. XDS and identity matching are also used to facilitate image exchange.

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