Enovacom Partners with NextGate for Unique Patient ID Management

Patient Record Matching Supports Consistent Identification, Master Patient Index, and Interoperability

PASADENA, Calif. – May 16, 2017 – NextGate, a global leader in healthcare identity management, today announced a partnership with Enovacom to include the NextGate Enterprise Master Patient Index into Enovacom’s Patient Server solution. Strongly engaged in delivering solutions that answer the daily and challenging needs of healthcare institutions, Enovacom partners with technology leaders to enrich their offerings and better comply with regulatory requirements.

In this context, Enovacom is delighted to announce the integration of NextGate’s patient identity management technology to support territorial challenges. Based on powerful algorithms developed specifically for healthcare scenarios, NextGate’s proven EMPI solution helps to compile patient identities into a unique ID.

By combining technologies, Enovacom customers will decrease administrative time concerning patient ID management, and deliver benefits such as:

  • Time saved in treating patient identity irregularities
  • Efficient help for the teams in charge of identity control
  • Delivery of a unique Patient ID across the territory


“From day one, we have been working on delivering pragmatic, proven and long-term solutions. We know how essential the creation of a unique ID is for a solid care continuum, and that’s precisely the reason why we have chosen NextGate technology. Together we propose a clear, powerful and secured solution,” explains Laurent Frigara, CEO Enovacom.

“We are delighted to partner with Enovacom, a leader in healthcare interoperability solutions. They understand the vital role of an enterprise patient ID to ensure patient safety and improve the delivery of care. All participants in the care continuum can now be more confident in the accuracy and availability of patient data,” remarks Andy Aroditis, CEO NextGate.

The combined offer is available in the Enovacom Patient Server solution. More details upon request.

About Enovacom

Enovacom provides healthcare organisations and care providers with interoperable data integration and security solutions. By connecting and making information secure and easily accessible, Enovacom empowers health providers to deliver against the health integration agenda whilst supporting the provision of improved health outcomes, better experience for the patient and efficiency savings. Enovacom has over 1500 customers in France, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, and Canada. To learn more, visit www.enovacom.co.uk.

Press Contact: Mélanie Dufrou – mdufrou@enovacom.fr – +33 6 29 61 06 66

About NextGate

NextGate uses its market leading expertise in identity management to connect the healthcare ecosystem by accurately identifying and linking patient and practitioner data. NextGate’s EMPI technology, rated No. 1 by KLAS, is deployed within the NHS and around the world to manage more than 220 million lives. This technology helps organisations deliver higher patient safety, better care coordination and greater business and clinical efficiencies. To learn more, visit www.nextgate.com.

A French language version will be released on May 22, 2017.

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